Our utility and governance token

SWN token is the native ERC-20 & BEP-20 token powering the Swene protocol. It's a utility and a governance token.

You are able to stake your SWN tokens to earn a high APY on your tokens. The amount of rewards given is decreasing over period of 2 years by a curved model ( not linear ) meaning the early stakers will benefit the most.

Benefits of staking

Staking SWN tokens unlock multiple benefits for the users of the protocol


Staking different amounts of SWN also makes you eligible for receiving rewards and participating in events, as well as Airdrops of our partnered projects.


New projects added (from selected projects) New developments (from selected developments) New design (from selected designers)

Staking SWN Tokens make you a part of our governance system, where decisions about the project can be made by the community reaching a consensus. The kind of decisions include but are not limited to:

  • Selection of new projects to be added to our partnered projects system

  • Paths of certain types of developments

  • Designs of the APP and not only ( starting from selection of designers to commission to the individual illustrations itself )


The total supply is 25 million:

10 Million tokens (40%): ecosystem rewards and incentives for staking, liquidity provision, and other seasonal events (75% to cover staking rewards and 25% to cover operational cost).

7.5 million tokens (30%): team – initially locked, they will be distributed within the team and gradually unlocked over four years.

5 Million tokens (20%): sold during the liquidity generation event and locked forever to mint the initial stablecoins.

2.5 Million tokens (10%): private sale on bounce.finance in mid-May – decentralized auction.